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A simple CLI tool to automate and control your Cisco Meraki Dashboard!

Meraki-CLI is a wrapper around the official Meraki Dashboard API Python SDK. It takes all published functions in the library and makes them available to the user as a standard command-line tool with -h help options, commands, switches, arguments, and tab autocompletion. It also supports classic Linux-style pipelining, allowing the output of one instance of the program to be piped to the input of another.

Meraki-CLI Screenshot

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๐Ÿš€ Quick Installation Guide

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Since the Meraki-CLI tool builds its arguments directly off of Meraki's SDK, it's capabilities exactly match those of the SDK and are updated automatically when Meraki adds new API capabilities. For a list of available commands from the last build of the Meraki-CLI, check out the Meraki-CLI Command Guide.

The current version of Meraki-CLI is: 1.5.0

Follow the instructions in the Quick Installation or the Step-by-Step Installation sections to get started with installing Meraki-CLI.