Complex Argument Values

Sometimes it is necessary to provide more complex values in certain arguments. An example from the meraki switch updateDeviceSwitchPort command is the --tags argument.

~$ meraki switch updateDeviceSwitchPort -h
All Arguments:
  --serial (string): (required)
  --portId (string): (required)
  --name (string): The name of the switch port
  --tags (array): The list of tags of the switch port

The --tags argument requires a list (array) of items. You can provide this list of items at the CLI using JSON formatting.

This will look like:

  • Linux/WSL/MacOS shell: --tags '["tag1", "tag2"]'
  • Windows native shell: --tags "[""tag1"", ""tag2""]"

This formatting provides a JSON-parsable structure to the CLI tool which is turned into native data and sent over the API to the dashboard.

Advanced --kwargs Arguments

If you want to dive deeper into how to provide JSON data at the CLI, check out the Using --kwargs and Dealing with --kwargs in Windows sections.